OSHA 10/30 Course

Come check out what's new in safety compliance!
Ignite and recharge your safety expertise to drive impactful change on the job and in your home.



OSHA Course

We understand the challenges safety leaders and employees face in a fast-paced, customer-driven work environment.

We also recognize the importance of expertly facilitated instruction and practical application interaction to ensure employee knowledge retention.

Safety Speaker

Through key concepts, real-life storytelling, and light-hearted humor, Lisa Haen's keynote presentations provide a unique and highly compelling perspective on workplace safety. If you’re looking to inspire your attendees, introduce insightful content, ignite change, and create a call to action, you want Lisa at your next event!

Creating Sustainable Safety Excellence

Our exclusive Safety System helps you lay a sustainable foundation and break the cycle of task activity by developing specific strategies for sustainable safety excellence. By using our system, you are guided through results-driven modules that help you meet the challenges of safety compliance and culture development.

Controlling Workplace Incident Costs

Working with executives and safety leaders, our error management process will allow you to develop and implement strategic solutions that ensure your most valuable assets, your employees, successfully identify hazards and return home from work safely, every day.

Addressing OSHA Inspection Citations

While an OSHA citation can be a situation calling for an immediate solution to a problem, it can also be an opportunity to hold a mirror up to organizational systems and begin laying the groundwork for overall safety excellence.

Get Your Safety Culture Assessment

The goal of this assessment is to identify key safety culture strengths and weaknesses within an organization. While many organizations don't spend enough time assessing their current state, our gap analysis and exclusive surveys uncover baseline information to determine your true needs.