About Culture Inside Out

How does Culture Inside Out serve you?

Our diverse range of specialized culture brand services and capabilities include keynote presentations, strategic retreats and consulting in the areas of human capital, strategy, audit, and systems integration.

With years of experience shaping team cultures in corporate, retail and government organizations, groups just like yours, The Culture Agility Model identifies and closes problematic culture collaboration gaps that limit your full potential.

We’re here to challenge your current state of behavior and transform to your leading culture brand!

Who are we?

We are a consultant agency dedicated to conditioning workplace cultures that drive superior performance. We design a customized and comprehensive transformation process that demonstrates measurable results.

Our work at Culture Inside Out™ is highly collaborative. Human capital impacts every aspect of your operation and our customized value-driven approach influences growth at every level of your organization.

The Culture Agility Model™ supports and guides you through a series of intentional transformation steps using  alignment, strength, and drive principles. This model has proven to identify and close value gaps for positive gains and rock-solid results.

Our Clients

Our clients are the heart of our business! We believe a strong agile work culture is the way combat the stress of a 21st century workplace – and we want to share the ride with you.

Our team promises to work hard to best serve and support your organizational purpose. We deliver sustainable culture solutions and provide the very best client care to Franchises, Associations, and Corporate Organizations.

“The Culture Agility model is designed to deliver practical solutions for complex culture challenges.”

Our Products

  • Culture Agility Course
    • Core Agility
    • PowerHouse Trio 
  • Living Safe Course
    • OSHA 10-30 Hour 
    • Safety Leadership 
    • Compliance to Culture
    • CPR, First Aid, AED Instructor Certification 

Run lean and sell bold

Your culture brings you together or tears you apart. A team collaboratively running in the right direction reaches peak performance first.

Lisa Haen

Owner and Principal Consultant, Lisa Haen is a culture consultant and keynote speaker with more than 20 years of experience in culture development and improvement, for both public and private sector organizations.

As a dynamic keynote speaker, Lisa engages and empowers audiences to shift their perspective, ignite their inner-awesome and apply solutions to tough culture challenges.

As a business growth consultant, using proven organizational culture improvement strategies, Lisa works with business leaders and teams to build a leading culture that drives superior performance.

Through years of research, networking, and calibration, her Culture AgilityTM Model serves as a strategic guide to identify and resolve culture challenges to build building a sustainable culture of excellence. The model provides comprehensive tools to meet culture brand requirements driven by organizational core values.

A die-hard Packers fan, organic gardener, and triathlete, Lisa's keynote and strategic education programs inspire employees with relevant stories, light-hearted humor, and thought-provoking  concepts. More than a consultant, trainer, or speaker, Lisa is a culture strategist dedicated to raising the standard on Culture Excellence by leading organizations through visible, sustainable culture transformations.