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From initial risk assessment to on-site safety management, Culture Inside Out provides a cost effective alternative to a dedicated in-house safety department.

Increase Productivity and Profit Through
Sustainable Safety Solutions

Safety Speaker

Based on compelling storytelling and light-hearted humor, Lisa Haen's keynote presentations provide a unique and highly compelling perspective on workplace safety.

Topics include Safety Leadership Commitment, Safety Culture Development, Administrative and Operational Management, Error Management, and Employee Safety Education. Click the button for a list of specific examples.

Safety Leadership Academy

Our exclusive online learning resource, providing tools to:

  • Improve and expand existing skills
  • Align safety culture with organizational core values
  • Inspire employees to develop commitment to safety
  • Develop effective problem solving skills
  • Develop a sustainable change management system

Safety System

By connecting safety goals to business values, our Safety System creates the foundation upon which a culture of sustainable excellence is built. By shifting the focus from simple safety compliance to a more encompassing safety culture, our clients are able to reduce workplace incidents, costs, minimize product/service loss, increase productivity, and enhance profitability. Most importantly, their most valuable asset, their employees, get home safely every day.

Safety Education

Our educational Safety TrainEDâ„¢ Program provides education for both safety leaders and their employees, focusing on a collaboration of teaching methods, concepts, and techniques to achieve safety excellence. Safety leaders discover their full potential by building on existing skills, experience, and knowledge to more effectively reach their audience, while employees are able to take safety concepts from the classroom to the job site.