Safety Education

Our TrainED Program focuses on collaboration of methods, concepts and techniques to achieve safety excellence.

We Use a Customized Approach to Deliver a Safety Message That Resonates and Inspires Employees Into Action

Our goal is to deliver a unique session using methods of comprehension that are compelling, straightforward, employee driven, and easily managed.

We are intentional in our quest to banish B.O.R.I.N.G and engage employees on a level that motivates. Educational psychologists teach us that employees attach more meaning to lessons learned through experience rather than those acquired passively. To increase their reservoir of awareness, break the "creature of habit" cycle, and sustain safe behavior over time, employees must be actively involved in the safety transformation process.

  • COGNITIVE - Employees need to know the reason for learning and they need to be able to comprehend and apply the content in a useful manner. We look to problem-solving exercises rather than content-orientation lectures for full effect learning (Classroom Compliance, Brainstorming and Active Discussions).
  • TECHNICAL - Experience provides the basis for learning. Employees need to be able to perform techniques and test concepts to commit the learning to action. (On-The-Job Competence, Practical Application and Technique Exercises).
  • ​​BEHAVIORAL - Employees are more responsive to internal than external motivators. They are responsible for their decisions and perceptions of education so they need to find a personal connection or purpose for the desired action. They also need to find the information relevant to their work and personal life. (Role Play, Observation/Evaluation, Peer Teach Backs​).

Using an integrated course design, employees are able to take safety concepts from the classroom to the job site. We don't waste time regurgitating standards. Instead, we combine real-life job tasks with compliance requirements to make training interesting and memorable.


  • Safety leaders looking for improvement tools to deliver a compelling message
  • Safety meeting facilitators who want to improve their skills
  • Front Line Supervisors looking to reinforce safety practices in the field
  • Employees in need of safety compliance training

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