Safety System

Raising the standard on safety excellence by leading organizations through a sustainable safety transformation.

Increase Productivity and Profit
Through a Sustainable Safety System

When organizations establish safety as a core value and actively involve employees in the safety improvement process, the focus shifts from safety compliance to a sustainable safety culture.

  • Connecting safety goals to business values creates a foundation to support a safety culture with steady growth potential.
  • Motivating employees to take personal responsibility and intentionally developing safe behavior in order to achieve safety excellence

Safety SystemWhen employees connect to internal motivation, their perception and behavior mindset shifts. Use our sustainable safety system tools to:

  • Develop a culture of safety conscious individuals
  • Reduce injuries/illnesses and workers compensation costs
  • Minimize property damage and product/service loss
  • Increase productivity
  • Enhance profitability

Creating a safe work environment can be overwhelming. Faced with a melting pot of personality, perception, experience and education levels, leaders can easily find themselves in circular discussions and actions. As a result, safety issues are not sustainably resolved and they face the same challenges month after month.

Building a proactive safety is as simple as following the system, enhancing learning through supporting events and applying lessons learned.

System Focus Resources

Sustainable Safety System 101
This two-hour workshop is designed to explore the Sustainable Safety System and provides the basic information organizations need to pursue transformational safety excellence.

At this workshop, participants will:

  • Develop an understanding of the Sustainable Safety System
  • Learn the basic five elements of the System
  • Gain insight into the benefits of the System

Safety System Strategy Session
This ten-week strategy work session is available for organizational leaders who purchase our Sustainable Safety System. Weekly work sessions provide a platform for organizations to moving through the system modules.

At the strategic work sessions, participants will:

  • Learn step by step how to navigate through the system for maximum results
  • Learn the five basic concepts of the system
  • Learn how to implement the system modules
  • Learn about common roadblocks and watch outs to ensure confidence in navigating site-specific obstacles
  • Network with other organizations to share best practices on system modules
  • Be provided a resource for site-specific questions, concerns and challenges